Help! I Was Hurt on the Job

Help! I Was Hurt on the Job

Getting hurt on the job can be terrifying, even devastating. If you are suffering from a workplace injury, you might not know where to turn. Luckily, we’ve got the information on where to go for help and how to heal from this incident. 

The Spine and Pain Center of California offers many treatments for the most common of workplace injuries. Dr. Navin Mahallavaram — as well as the rest of our staff — understands the needs of his patients, including their fears, pain, and frustrations. That’s why we offer comprehensive care for workplace injuries.  

Workplace injuries happen

First of all, getting hurt while working isn’t uncommon. You spend a good portion of your time at work, and accidents happen. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, 2.8 million nonfatal injuries were reported from private employers in 2019, consistent with recent trends. Some of these injuries are mild, but some can cause serious, long-term effects. 

Still, just because accidents are likely to occur at some point doesn’t mean your employer has no responsibility in this matter. It is their job to ensure that you have a safe working environment, just as it is your job to follow safety guidelines while working for them. 

One of the first things you should do if you believe you’ve been hurt on the job is to fill out an incident report. This will help ensure that you receive workers’ compensation. Remember, in the state of California, even if you were at fault, you are still entitled to workers’ compensation where applicable. 

A variety of work-related injuries

Although many work-related injuries are minor problems, there are certain issues for which you will need medical — even long-term — treatment. Falls, strains, slips, and trips are all common workplace injuries. So are automobile accidents for people who drive for work. 

It’s also important to remember getting hurt on the job doesn’t just mean one sudden accident. You could experience a workplace injury caused over a long time, often from repetitive actions or overuse of certain parts of the body, ultimately causing a strain. 

Many of these injuries create problems for the musculoskeletal system. The joints, back, and neck are some of the most vulnerable places for a workplace injury. If you’re dealing with one of these issues, it’s critical to seek help right away. 

Treating workplace injuries 

Our goal is to help reduce pain and encourage the healthy, long-term healing of the injury site. We know, for many, a job isn’t only a way to make a livelihood but also a large part of a person’s identity. As such, we strive to help you heal to return to work and live a happy, healthy life on your terms.

Dr. Mallavaram has years of experience treating musculoskeletal injuries and helping patients heal. We offer several treatments for different types of injuries at our center, including physical and massage therapy, therapeutic ultrasound, and electrical muscle stimulation. 

For those with severe pain — or pain that cannot be treated by one of the options listed previously — we also offer injections. These injections help to temporarily relieve severe pain and are often a combination of local anesthetic and steroids, which work in tandem to minimize pain and inflammation. 

Finally, we will continue to work with you as long as necessary to ensure that you can move beyond your job-related injury. This is because we believe easing your pain and helping you heal are essential to improving your quality of life. 

Get help for a job-related injury today

Getting hurt on the job can be overwhelming, but you can start to feel like yourself again with the proper treatment. 

Book an appointment online, or give us a call at either our Fremont or our Pleasanton, CA office. We look forward to helping you!

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