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Injured on the Job? We Can Help

Did you know that someone gets injured on the job every seven seconds? That’s why at The Spine & Pain Center of California, we have an entire service dedicated to work injuries

Navin Mallavaram, MD, leads our team in interventional pain management, offering the most advanced therapies to reduce or eliminate your pain and help you recover from your work-related injury. We understand the importance of getting your body well, so you can get back to work. 

No matter how you were injured on the job or the nature of your condition, we are work injuries specialists who can treat your pain.

Common work-related injuries

People get hurt for numerous reasons on the job, but the most common ones include:

Any of these injuries can cause a severe reaction that calls for medical attention. Whether you have an acute injury or experience a less serious accident that still causes you pain, Dr. Mallavaram and our team can help.

Treatment for work injuries

When you come in to see us, we evaluate the nature of your injury, give you a comprehensive exam, and diagnose your condition. We then develop a customized plan to get you well.

Our treatments vary according to your needs. If you need healing for musculoskeletal injuries, we provide different therapies, such as electrical muscle stimulation and physical therapy. 

If you suffer from an injury causing pain that needs immediate relief, we might reduce your inflammation with injections, such as epidurals or nerve blocks. We also offer platelet-rich plasma (PRP) therapy to speed up your healing and regenerate the growth of healthy tissues. 

If you’re suffering from any kind of pain, you should book an appointment with our team as soon as possible after your injury has happened. The sooner we can treat you, the quicker you can heal and get back to work.

Returning to work

You can return to work once Dr. Mallavaram gives you clearance. When you go back, we encourage you to take precautions to keep yourself safe from injury. 

For example, if your job requires exposure to hazardous chemicals, be sure to wear proper equipment to protect you. To avoid tripping or falling, clear your floors of any cords or objects that are in the way, and have proper lighting in your work area. If you work in areas of heights, wear shoes that support you well and have sturdy soles.

We understand that you can’t always prevent accidents from happening, but taking extra precautions at your workplace can improve your chances at staying safe.

If you’ve suffered an injury at your workplace, contact us at one of our offices in Fremont or Pleasanton today. We can talk to you about your condition and make sure you get the best care possible.

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