Is Your Diet Making Your Chronic Pain Worse?

Is Your Diet Making Your Chronic Pain Worse?

Many people will do almost anything to manage their chronic pain. From taking medications to surgery, the options are as numerous as they are varied, and dealing with this kind of pain for a long time can make you desperate to try anything. 

But have you thought about how the food you put in your body could be causing your pain to become worse instead of better? 

The Spine and Pain Center of California offers many treatments for many different types of chronic pain. But our founder Dr. Navin Mahallavaram and our other providers also see the merits in treating the condition holistically, meaning we look at all the options available to you to treat you as a whole person. And that means considering not only medical treatments but lifestyle changes.

Why diet matters 

You may think that your diet only matters if you’re trying to lose weight. But everyone is affected by the food they put into their bodies, and eating certain foods causes problems while other kinds can help solve them.

Many chronic pain conditions are at least partly associated with inflammation. This condition causes a certain part or parts of the body — usually those associated with the pain — to become swollen, red, and hot, almost like that body part has recently been injured. Inflammation can be a sign something is momentarily wrong, but if you’re seeing it all the time, it’s likely associated with your chronic pain condition. 

Certain foods can increase problems with inflammation. This only serves to worsen your chronic pain. Foods that are extremely processed, high in fat, greasy, or sugary can cause this problem. 

Avoid these foods to minimize inflammation

At The Spine and Pain Center of California, we offer many pain management treatments that don’t require addictive medications like opioids or surgery. We’ve seen minimally invasive options like radiofrequency ablation and PRP therapy work wonders for patients. But we also recommend things you can do at home to lessen your pain experience. 

First, let us recommend several foods you should avoid as much as possible to minimize inflammation. 

Of course, indulging in these snacks occasionally doesn’t mean you’ll immediately experience inflammation. However, the more you can do to avoid these foods, the better, as none of them are necessary for a well-balanced diet. 

What you should eat when dealing with chronic pain

When you’re dealing with chronic pain, there are certain foods you can also add to your diet that help reduce inflammation. Some of these help by introducing more water into your system, but you should know that drinking plenty of water is still necessary to fight chronic pain and inflammation. 

Other foods are effective because they are rich in beneficial elements like potassium, omega-3 fatty acids, or antioxidants. Here are some of the best foods you can introduce to your diet to reduce inflammation.

As you can see, there are many ways to enjoy a rich, varied, and satisfying diet while still managing your inflammatory response. These actions can help you treat chronic pain in ways you may have never imagined. What’s more, when our patients have paired a healthy, anti-inflammatory diet with some of our noninvasive treatments, we’ve seen huge, positive improvements in pain for the long haul.

Managing your chronic pain through diet and treatment

Visit us online to book an appointment at our Pleasanton or Fremont, CA office. We are ready to help you take a journey toward healing. 

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