The Power of Platelets in Relieving Joint Pain

Suffering from joint pain can negatively alter your life in many ways, including both physically and psychologically. About 50 million people in the United States deal with chronic pain. If you’re one of the many who are affected, you should see a specialist if your pain lasts six months or longer without sufficient relief. 

When you visit us at The Spine & Pain Center of California, you receive the special care and attention of Navin Mallavaram, MD, who is a board-certified physician, leading our team in interventional pain management. 

We offer the latest, most advanced treatments, such as platelet-rich plasma (PRP) therapy to help ease your pain. Our cutting-edge therapies and patient-centered approach can give you  successful results and help you get back to feeling normal again.

How PRP offers innovative, natural healing

We have a compassionate approach to your treatment since we understand that your joint pain can have a significant impact on your quality of life. Your limited ability to play sports or participate in any kind of physical activity can slow you down and affect your mental health, too. It can also affect your everyday routine.

PRP has proved to be an innovative, natural therapy for joint pain because it helps rebuild your cartilage, promoting smoother function in your joints. This approach to treatment has few, if any, side effects,because you’re using resources from your own body.

How PRP works

PRP therapy is a regenerative medicine that uses your cells to help heal your joint pain. Your blood contains white and red blood cells, as well as plasma and platelets. Platelets are mostly known for clotting your blood, but they also contain powerful growth factors that promote healing.

When you come in to see us for your treatment, the process involves taking a sample of your blood and putting it in a centrifuge to separate your platelets from your plasma. This creates a highly concentrated serum that’s 5-10 times more powerful than your normal blood. We then put the PRP into a syringe and inject it into your place of pain, which produces growth factors that can heal your issue naturally.

Why PRP works

We use imaging technology to make sure we can see where to directly attack your place of pain. The platelets then go to work by repairing and rebuilding your damaged tissues and tackling your inflammation. With PRP therapy, we address your exact pain point to quickly and effectively promote healing where you need it most.

We know that joint pain can be debilitating. To experience the relief you need with the natural  PRP therapy, contact our Fremont or Pleasanton office to schedule a consultation. You can call us or book an appointment online. We’re here to help.

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