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I have been a patient of Dr. M's for at least 4 years. He is by far the best pain management doc I've ever had. He is empathic towards "flair up" episode and is willing to see me on a dime. His interventions, while limited to current technology, is superb. I often recommend him to others as well as my own patients who need such interventions. Thank you Dr. M!

Jason D., from Pleasanton, CA

An excellent physician who is patient and understanding. He cares about finding the right solution. I have both myself and my mom to thank for his help with my hip issue and my moms knees. He reccomended conservative injections for my mom which were natural and painless rather than the surgeon who wanted to do full knee replacement therapy. After the injections my mom is feeling better. 

G.I., from Pleasanton, CA

I am very blessed Tk have found Dr. Mallavaram's office for my pain. He is an exceptional physician. HE has helped me with my neck pain and headaches that I have suffered with for over 12 years. He always listens and gives me the best advice regarding  my options and we have finally got relief after being referred Tk him.

James H., Bethel Island, CA

I have been a patient of Dr Mallavarams for years now. I think he's a great doctor and I've seen tons. I travel all the way from Santa Rosa to see him each month.. I don't agree with Andy at all in fact I think he's the opposite..he has a great bedside manner and I believe he really cares, thank you for ALL your help through out the years.

Kristina C., from Santa Rosa, CA

I am a new patient of doctor Mallavaram I have been dealing with chronic l5 damage for seven months and dealing with a spine surgeon who didn't seem to care at all if I was in pain I decided to switch doctors. In one visit I was impressed with his knowledge. Just a few days later I went in for a steroid injection and feel much better he also offers pain psych counseling. 

Frank S. from San Ramon, CA

After one year of seeing Dr.  Mallavaram I stand by my first review. His front office staff are kind and caring, The Dr. Listens and actually cares he gives me options for my care, and actually called me himself to see how I was doing after a procedure. Thank you again Dr. Mallavaram and staff!!

Frank S. from San Ramon, CA

Originally from out of state, I had once been extremely dissatisfied with the majority of diagnostic and treatment options available to me.  Unfortunately, after moving to California, I suffered two accidents that had set me back considerably.  However, when my neurologist referred me to Dr. Mallavaram, I found a caring doctor, who for the first time, offered me hope. 

Kris W. from Sacramento, CA

My husband and I both have been treated by Dr Navin Mallavaram for several years after trying many other Drs.  Dr Mallavaram is patient, caring and genuinely interested in helping you improve your quality of life. Dr Mallavarams program increased our mobility at the same time reducing our pain and dependence on opiates to manage pain until we were eventually able to eliminate pain meds.

Eileen P. from Sam Ramon, CA

This has been a very long road to recovery for me and a pinched nerve issue that has been somewhat difficult to manage.  I cannot say how much I appreciate the attention and concern from the front desk to the exam table.  It is a matrix of things that are being implemented to help me heal and I believe that I will succeed in regaining my strength and well being over time. 

Steve M. from Livermore, CA

I had over 50% relief of my chronic knee pain after one PRP injection. This was a knee that had been previously operated on. The PRP worked better than steroid or Supartz injections.

Djuan G. from Hayward, CA on PRP

After a PRP injection into the wrist for a ligament tear, I am now playing golf weekly with no pain or restrictions. I wanted to avoid surgery and PRP worked great. 

John S. from Tracy, CA on PRP

Dr. Mallavaram is a great Dr. I have been seeing him for many years now and I don’t know of another specialist I would rather see. As the person before me said, ” he has a great bedside manner.” So true. He will work with you to find the best treatment that will work for you, even when there don’t seem to be many.

Linda S. from Alamo, CA

I’ve been a patient of Dr. Mallavaram’s for almost 4 years. I hope to continue seeing him for many years to come. He has an impeccable bedside manner and has perfected his craft. He is knowledgeable and well educated. Having to see a doctor is often a stressful situation. But, I have always felt comfortable and well cared for by Dr. Mallavaram. He is by far the best doctor that I have seen.

Michelle P. from Dublin, CA

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