Elbow Pain


Treatments for epicondylitis, tendonitis, “tennis elbow”

If you’re on this site, the conservative tennis elbow treatment options have failed you; over the counter medications, rest, heat/ice, and physical therapy, to treat your elbow issue. So what are you left with for treating elbow injuries?  Some physicians at pain management clinics may recommend a steroid injection into the area. The steroid can help temporarily with pain, but the potential side effects of the steroid such as weakening the tendons and ligaments in the area makes steroid injections a less than attractive choice. Other doctors may recommend a debridement surgery, where the tissue is scraped and inflamed.

At The Spine & Pain Center of California, achieving your best clinical outcome is our number one priority.  We will first establish a definitive diagnosis of your condition. This will be done through a records review, physical examination, and personally reviewing available imaging studies.  In addition a dynamic ultrasound may be used to assess movement of the affected elbow to detect pathology which may not be evident on static images such as MRI or x-ray.

Of all the areas where PRP is used, there is more high quality research demonstrating the effectiveness of PRP injections for elbow injuries.  The Spine & Pain Center of California offers a variety of image guided, minimally invasive injection procedures using PRP to help treat elbow conditions The Spine & Pain Center of California will fine tailor the right procedure for your condition, providing you the ability to avoid potentially harmful steroids or surgery.

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